Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5

This morning's silence was broken by the sound of shattering glass downstairs. In the time it takes you to leap out of bed and bound down the stairs, you're thinking of all of the things you hope your cat didn't break. Everything on the end table took a dive, thanks to her morning crazies. Her "morning crazies" are when she runs from one end of the apartment to the other as fast as she can about five times. Luckily the lamp and its shade are in one piece, but the lightbulb and glass tumbler sitting next to it weren't so lucky.

She purred heavily for the next hour. I tell myself that her purring is out of terror for the commotion she had caused, but I have to wonder if she's just really pleased with herself.

Anyways, I'm always delighted when I forget that I'm wearing lipstick and I end up incriminating myself by leaving a trail of kisses on her face.




Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Beginning

This is surely one of the more ridiculous things I've ever done. I got it into my head that since I talk about my cat so much, I should share my obsessive thoughts with you. I was encouraged by a few fellow cat ladies to go ahead and do so. I apologize.

It all started November of 2005, when my boyfriend and I decided it was time to make a little family by adopting a kitty. The search began for what I would decide was the most perfect creature to ever walk the earth. Persistently browsing local papers and shelters, I found a picture of two fluffy, almost identical, white kittens on a shelter's website.

I had to have her! I called the shelter immediately and was told that the cat room was closed due to a virus going around. I checked back every day for nearly two weeks. Finally, about a month later, the shelter called me to tell me that the cat room was open! We headed to shelter in such a hurry that we forgot almost everything we needed.

There she was, with giant golden eyes and a grey splotch on her forehead. Although they looked identical to everyone else, her and her sister were so very different. When her sister would push her head and extend her paw to demand being pet, she would hang back in uncertainty.

Long story short, as a few other folks were inquiring about her and her sister, we rushed to fill out the forms, write checks, and make out like bandits with her in a cardboard tote. Little did I know just how perfect she would be.

sweetpea honeybee